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Exceptional experiences don't just happen. They are the result of meticulous preplanning, client knowledge and awareness, creativity, and plenty of teamwork! SAT brings you these professional skills and more. As your on-site partner, we provide you with local knowledge and connections throughout your program.


Party and special event planningpianificazione

Every party is special. Every event is unique. Our staff listen closely to your needs and your goals, they understand your budget restrictions and, with your help, they will get to know your guests. They know what’s new and what works best for your event with regards to location and entertainment for both public and private venues, as well as customized floral arrangements and décor. By really listening and tuning in to your vision, our staff will present imaginative ideas to create an unforgettable special party or event.

Group Transportation and Logistics

From the moment you arrive transportation sets the tone for a successful event. We can create that special welcome to any destination. Whether a black limousine, a motorized cable car, a 79-seat deluxe motorcoach, a helicopter, a motorboat, or an old-fashioned antique car, our transportation experts will find just the right vehicle for your needs.

dinnerSpecial Event Dining, Party Décor, Gala Dinners, Food and Beverage

Every event and party should be a special experience. Our experts will work with you to identify the best restaurant or private venue for your event. They will create the ideal menu and develop unique themes, decorations, entertainment and with all the right touches. From private clubs and mansions to 5-Star restaurants, exclusive picnic grounds, or a private chef in your own cooking school, SAT will find just the right setting and just your perfect meal.



TeamTeam Building Events

What’s your goal to drive team success? Perhaps it’s to stimulate camaraderie and bonding among key management and staff. You may want to enhance a learning experience or instill your unique corporate ethic. Let SAT assist in helping you and your people to exceed all goals through the right team building events, games and competitions.
Our team building experts will help you outline your specific objectives, understand your corporate identity, and plan the most effective team building event. Then we will help you to prepare, introduce, supervise and motivate your team to these concepts in an exhilarating and unforgettable experience.



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